About Pastor Ken

Rev. L. Kenneth Fellenbaum is our Pastor. He has been serving since June, 2012. He previously served as CEO of Boys & Girls Village and as Pastor of Grace Baptist Church– both in Milford, CT

Rev. Fellenbaum received his training in history at Eastern Mennonite College and in theology at Eastern Mennonite Seminary in Harrisonburg, VA. He is a native of Lancaster County, PA.

He and his wife Debra have been residents of Milford since 1978. They are the parents of two children, Karl and Kendra, and the proud grandparents of two grandchildren.


Pastor Ken has 31 years of ordained ministry in 3 Churches. Led tours of Israel. Non-Profit Executive for 9 years-was CWLA State leader. Served 4 years on State Ethics Commission (Vice Chair) and 16 years on City Police Commission (Chairman). Previously was in business management & sales positions (agribusiness, manufacturing & retail).

Specialties: Fund raising, community, government & public relations. Children, youth & family programs. Strategic planning.


Pastor Ken’s story starts in Lancaster PA, where he was born and raised a Mennonite. He attended East Mennonite College in Virginia, where he majored in history.It was in Virginia that he met and started dating the woman who would become his wife, Debra. She invited him to her church, an independent Baptist church, and he went.It wasn’t long after that, he said, that he “got the call.” A spiritual calling is different for everyone, Fellenbaum said, adding that it can be hard to explain.“But when the big recruiter wants your attention, you hear it,” Fellenbaum said.The church he’d been attending with Debra, People’s Baptist Church in Virginia, was growing and officials there told Fellenbaum they wanted him to be ordained so he could minister there.He wasn’t quite done with seminary at that point — though he finished his classes later — but he was ordained that May. He was 25 years old.Fellenbaum was working alongside the minister in Virginia when a Maryland church official called looking for someone to minister there. The senior minister turned the request over to Fellenbaum, and Fellenbaum became the minister at the Church of the Open Door in Maryland, a non-denominational church he stayed at four years.He thought he’d be there longer, but then he got word that the pulpit at Grace Baptist Church in Milford was open. He arrived in Milford in 1978 and served as the senior pastor at Grace Baptist Church on Burnt Plains Road for 21 years.The Mennonite faith had taught him that people are supposed to be “the salt and the light,” and with that in mind, Fellenbaum ventured into the community. That led him to volunteer for several non-profits, including the board of Boys Village, where he led a campaign to construct new shelter buildings that cost $4.5 million.When Boys Village — today Boys and Girls Village — needed a new CEO, Fellenbaum was asked if he’d be interested.“I gave it a lot of thought,” he said, recalling that he told the board he’d have to “talk to the big boss about that.”That spiritual conversation led to Fellenbaum taking the post in 1999.He still preached on the side, however, because ministry was a part of him.Fellenbaum was with Boys Village 10 years and retired five years ago at age 60. He started his own ministry, the Village Church, catering to people of faith who didn’t belong to a congregation. (Source: http://www.milfordmirror.com/16722/fellenbaum-brings-new-life-to-beach-side-church/)

Rev. Fellenbaum keeps a blog located at http://thevillagechurchofmilford.blogspot.com/